Need help with your property in Spain?

In case of buying, selling or renting-managing ayour property, There can often be unforeseen circumstances which are beyond your hand and seem difficult to manage and solve. At Berenguer & Mollon- Law Firm, we are sure we can help you and managing for you, making it easy, with the warranty of the best legal team working for you.

Convenyancing: At Berenguer & Mollon- Law Firm, we can defend your interests and protect you when conveyancing in Spain, by thoroughly checking over all documentation and aspects of your property, since the first time you are interested in your property until you go to the Notary to Deed. We can offer post-sale service, too. We can offer you a complete services, including buying on your behalf with a special PoA with the exactly conditions you choose.

Real Estate Investment: At Berenguer & Mollón – Law Firm, we prepare complete Due Diligences and will help you understand the market and get the highest benefit on your property investment in Spain.



Need help to opening or dealing a business in Spain?

We can assist you.

To start your bussiness in Spain, at Berenguer & Mollón Law Firm,  we can obtain your NIE number, or social security number for expats living and working in Spain, and we can open your bank account on your behalf through a Power of Attorney in Spain.

We can Open a Subsidiary, Open a Branch or a representative Office; If you are doing business in Spain and already have a Company in another country, it’s your case, and we certainly can help you to set up this in Spain.

If you are currently managing your Spanish company, we can provide you legal advise and help you every day by explaining  and doing different needed legal processes.

Purchase of Company: The sale of a business is a complex process. It’s required to engage experts in Corporate Finance who have solid experience and consider strategic aspects too. Berenguer & Mollón –Law Firm offers you many benefits and good results to all customers who need help with their purchase Company.

M&A: Berenguer & Mollon- Law Firm provides advise on Mergers and Acquisitions encouraged by Lawyers and Economists, with the human and technical point in every operation.


Need Help in a Bankruptcy Procedure?

Liquidation and Insolvency. Bankruptcy:

At Berenguer & Mollón – Law Firm, we work to ensure that the ongoing needs of our clients in managing conflict situations in their businesses are met.

We have extensive experience in negotiating and managing the recovery of the companies we represent, both in and out of court.



Need Help with your e-bussines?

We can offer you a complete service in Data Protection. Digital Contents and e-Commerce. Berenguer & Mollón –Law Firm offers strategic advice to its web-based business clients, including retailers, distributors, third-party sellers on marketplace websites, platform providers and tech entrepreneurs.

An experienced e-Commerce lawyer is vital when addressing legal issues such as platform maintenance, service agreements, vendor contracts, data security and privacy, intellectual property and licensing.

The firm possesses unique experience assisting clients with understanding the risks and taking advantage of the steadily increasing number of state and l laws, rules and regulations governing consumer oriented retail and business-to-business electronic commerce.

We regularly assist clients that range from Internet service providers to companies selling goods and services over the Internet.



At Berenguer & Mollón – Law Firm.- We are experts in negotiation, mediation and arbitration, and  defending our customers interests  before Court. We always try to look for and obtain the best solution in the interests of our clients.

We advise and represent our clients in arbitration proceedings in national courts and international institutions, both in institutional arbitration and ad hoc arbitration, having dealt with arbitration proceedings before the CIADI, SCC, ICC, among others.